Yüce Sultanım - Hicaz Usul

Yüce Sultanım- Hicaz Usul

Yüce Sultanım derde dermânım
Bedende cânım Hû dimek ister
[Ey derde derman Ey Gani subhan]

Alîmsin alîm bilirsin halim
Ağzımda dilim Hû dimek ister

Ali sırrında tevhid nûrunda
Mahşer yerinde Hû dimek ister

Yunus postunda gönül dostunda
Sırat üstünde Hû dimek ister

My Exalted Sultan

My Lord Most High, Balm to my wounds
My life locked in flesh yearns for You
[Oh Balm to my wounds, Oh infinite Mercy]

You know all, You know my misery
My voice, freed, wishes to cry Hu

Hidden in Ali, lit by Unity
On the Last Day, I’ll yearn for You

Yunus sits here, his heart with You
Balanced on “Sirat
[1],” I yearn for You

[1] The name of the bridge in the hereafter which is narrower
than a hair and sharper than a sword where we will try to balance
while we give our accounting.