Jerrahi Relief Work

The Jerrahi Mosque has been coordinating relief efforts to fight against poverty, provide support for the victims of war and disasters, in particular women and children, and support education to help people develop as better human beings. Over the years the Jerrahi Mosque has reached out to people in various places including: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Bosnia, Kosova, Haiti, Sri Lanka, North Korea, and Chile.

In May 2014 the Jerrahi Order of America distributed 1000 family-size packages–worth approximately $20,000, total–containing food and cleaning items to flood victims in Tuzla, Bosnia. Food supplies will be distributed there and in Gaza for Ramadan meals this summer.

The relief efforts in the past have included 

  • Food Crisis and Poverty - The Jerrahi Mosque has distributed food, money and clothing to the following regions: Gaza, Kabul, Kirkuk, and North Korea.
  • Disaster Relief - The Jerrahi Mosque has helped the victims of the natural disasters in Haiti, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Turkey as well as Katrina victims in the US.
  • Education - The Jerrahi Mosque has set up educational projects in Afghanistan and Bosnia, helped Afghani refugee students in Pakistan, and sent schools supplies to the Iraqi refugees in Syria. In the mid 90's The Jerrahi Mosque brought more than 100 students from war torn Bosnia to the US to provide them with a high school and college education.
  • Women and Children - The Jerrahi Mosque has supported many women and children in Afghanistan, Kosova and Iraq.
  • Youth Projects - The main focus of the youth projects is to help them become actively involved in relief efforts by sending them to the various regions of the world where help is needed. They have run breakfast and dinner programs for the homeless and increased their awareness about the dire conditions around the globe. The Youth Group has helped Katrina victims, built cottages for indigineous people in Chile, worked with orphans in Kosova and Bosnia and brought books and clothing to children of Iraqi refugees in Syria.
  • Zakat - Those who are eligible for Zakat, can apply to Jerrahi Order of America by filling out a Zakat Application Form.


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