Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development

The Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development (MWIRD) is a faith-based, community service organization that focuses upon the issues of hunger relief/food security, health education and advocacy, all in support of the transitional needs of community residents and new immigrants.

MWIRD contributes to the empowerment of the recipients of its services to attain their full potential by working with recipients to meet some of their basic needs. All of the direct services offered by MWIRD are informed: by the Islamic tradition of caring for humanity; the practicality of collaborating with other faith communities and the incredible need faced by many of the faithful. MWIRD operates two food pantries in the Bronx: The Benedict Avenue Community Food Pantry (2044 Benedict Avenue), and the Community Food Pantry at Highbridge (1272 Ogden Avenue). The program objective is to provide nutritious food to needy populations while connecting them with other services to ensure their basic needs are met. At both locations, nutritious food is distributed to a population of very low income immigrants who are natives of West Africa, South East Asia, South and Central America, the Spanish Caribbean and some local non-immigrant residents. Most of the recipients are women, both Muslim and non-Muslim, in need of food to meet the basic needs of their families.

We are serving over 120,000 people per year through both our food pantries. At the food pantries, we have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of individuals and families needing food. In 2008, the pantries served an average of 3,550 people each month. In 2010, that figure rose to 5,070 people per month - a 42% increase in the demand for services. This dramatic increase in the need for our services correlates with the economic recession. We believe many of the new clients are what we call the “newly poor” - clients who had recently been the working poor, but with lost jobs, or fewer hours, have pushed them to need additional services.

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The following is provided to highlight how things have evolved since Thursday December 9, 2011. First the need was stated to the public:

The New York Daily News article:

Bronx News 12

New York Channel 7 (ABC)

Ebru TV

Then the response came:

Chaplain Nurah-Rosalie Amat'ullah, D.Min

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